Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let the facelift begin!

It has been a while since I announced that there would be some exciting changes coming to Love in Bloom Boutique, but things are finally happening!  Some of my new pictures are to update older listings, but there are a few new items coming to my shop over the next several days as well, so be sure to check out all my new goodies.

Thank you so much to my models (you know who you are), and my wonderful photographer, Julie Baraichi!  If you or someone you know are in the San Diego area, and are in need of a photographer, she would be a great choice.  She can be found at and she is also on Facebook at

I will also be transitioning to a more sustainable business model, so some of my prices will be going up. In a perfect world, I wouldn't need to do it, but things being what they are... it's a must. This will help to ensure that Love in Bloom Boutique is around for many happy years to come.

Keep it Crafty!

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