Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Artisan: Bebby Jumpers!

I am excited to introduce you to Bebby X of Bebby Jumpers, another fabulous member of the EtsyKids Team!  She is generously offering you a coupon to use in her store: BEBBYBLOG10  It will be valid until midnight PST on September 20th.  She is always willing to customize colors too!
On Etsy!
Here's what she had to say...
           I design and handknit quality woolly items for children and  babies. I love woolly babies. I have always knitted for my family and  friends which I find very relaxing. My sister's little boy who lives in  Australia, said "Bebbyjumpers" when he was 2 years old as they were  opening a parcel of jumpers which I had knitted and sent to them. I am his Auntie  Bebby. I thought it was a good name to call my shop.
           I do not consider this my career. I do however  enjoy knitting as a hobby and get great pleasure knowing someone else  likes what I produce enough to want to buy and own it, to wear themselves, or to give away as a gift.
          I hope to continue with my Etsy shop and become better known,  as I have only been open since February 2011, with a number of happy  customers on line and locally.
          My favourite knits are the arans that I have designed and  produce in the bright colours for children, which all have traditional  touches and modern features. I shall in time use natural fibres as well  as the acrylic yarns that I have used so far, and all my designs are available as custom orders in any suitable yarn you request.
          I was inspired to create this design when a friend of mine was  telling me about her Aunt Pearl who used to  "knit shapeless creations  for the family and always dropped stitches and made a few but nothing  like these that you knit" which made me laugh. So I have designed this  which I affectionately call the Aunt Pearl Collection, and those who are  familiar with Aran can see I have also dropped stitches and made a few,  and everything resembles pearly stuff.
In a recent local Horticultural Show I won 1st prize with this similar aran using the same design although I have altered the neckline to include an opening at the shoulder which is fastened with buttons.
I also won several other prizes (and the cup!!) with my knits and preserves (jams and chutneys) which is another favourite pastime of mine.
          I am not trained in any artistic skills but my mum taught me  the basic skills of knitting as a little girl, and I taught myself to cable and all  the other intricate stitches that I enjoy. I think it is important to keep crafts alive and to present them in an          attractive way.

          I am inspired to create my designs from conversations I have with people, and nature around me. Also the colours and  textures of the fibres tell me what I need to knit with the yarn. I have a fondness for button collections and often see buttons which I know "just the right garment" to knit and re-home those unwanted buttons!! I have a headful of designs waiting to be knit and not enough time.
          I want to learn more about promoting myself on Etsy which  includes learning more computer skills and better photography skills. Some of my "snaphots" do not do my work justice and the colours are not true.

You can find BebbyJumpers in the following places: 
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