Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloom: Girls {Craft} Night Out!

Image Courtesy Just Dandy Creations
One of my best friends in life, Karlyn is a fellow craft junkie and mother of four wonderful children.  About five months ago the two of us started having a craft night once a month where we set up shop at one or the other's house and craft while the kids are asleep...  and yes, we stay up till ungodly hours of the morning. (I almost made it to 4 AM the last time).  That's not all we do, however... We talk about all sorts of things and bounce ideas off each other and teach each other new techniques we have learned and the list (and this sentence) could really go on and on.

She is the one who believed in me enough to suggest that I open up a shop and she is still the one who encourages me the most in this endeavor.  I am grateful to God for a friend like this and I hope all of you (especially you gals with kids) are taking the time to get out of the house (away from your kids) once in a while to connect with a really good friend you can craft with, and laugh with, and cry with, and pray for....  because it's one of those amazing things that's helping me to finally bloom.

Keepin' it Real!

P.S. Karlyn is re-starting a ministry she ran before her house was so full called Solid Stage Footlights.  (Hey, I'm not the only one blooming here!)  A former Continentals and Jeremiah People Member, she is an immensely gifted singer, dancer, choreographer and director who will be bringing a message of love (through drama, dance, christian music and secular music that's been changed up a bit)  in her next season which promises to challenge the church and reach out to unbelievers as well. She has a passion for encouraging people with the love of Christ and is a really great leader. Please forward her information to anyone ages 15-25 residing in the United States, who you think would be interested in touring with her group in the Southern California area during the summer of 2012.  Or, if you live in Southern California, you can pass her information to your youth pastor as she is in the process of booking concerts at this time.

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