Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bloom: Love is...?

I had a chance to listen to Josh McDowell speak on what love is this past weekend.  The message he shared is one that is important for every parent, grandparent, pastor and Christian educator to hear and impart to the children in their care and can accurately be stated in three simple words.  Even if you think Jesus sucks, isn't God or are undecided, this video is important for a variety of reasons and I hope you will watch it and {hang in there until the end!}

If you haven't heard of Josh, let me tell you a little about him.  Josh was an agnostic who tried to disprove the existence of God, and through studying the Bible in depth he discovered that he couldn't do it.  He has authored over 100 books, {several of which have won awards} and spoken to thousands and thousands of students.  The best part is that he's the real deal; I firmly believe that man's family reveals much about the character of said man... I lived around the block from the McDowell family when I was in high school.  That family showed me love during the most troubling time in my life.  His wife Dottie, often took me to school when I was late for the bus. Katie, his oldest daughter brought me home many times.  Sean {and his now wife Stephanie} kept on sharing Christ with me at school, put up with my attitude, foul mouth and complete lack of tact {my lack of wisdom too!}, and brought me to bible studies where I first really understood who Jesus is, why He is important and what it means to follow Him. Sean also gave me one of Josh's first books, More Than a Carpenter, which answers the question, "Is Jesus Lord, a liar or a lunatic?"  In retrospect, I literally feel like I was this family's project... and oh, what joys have come from it!

Here's the video from Sunday night... I hope you will all use what you learn here for the good of our kids, our society and our world.

Josh McDowell - Aug 14, 2011 from Shadow Mountain Community Church on Vimeo

Here is a link to the book Josh is talking about at the end of the video about sex, love and the questions kids have that their parents are often not answering for them.  Scary stuff.

If the video challenged your thinking, or you are intrigued by what you heard, here are the links to Josh and Sean's ministries where you can get more information:

Jesus is THE single most important thing that is finally helping me to bloom.

Keep on Bloomin'!

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