Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday Fun! The Most Treasury Features in One Week for me so Far...

This week, I made a treasury...

... and was featured in these FIVE treasuries too! This is the highest number of treasury features I have ever had in one week!! Thank you so much BabaMoon, Crocheting4Baby, Lilu1012, CupcakeDream, and SweetCs for including me in your lovely treasuries!


  1. Cannot get my head round treasuries - but looking at this post, I can see one good reason to try to overcome this problem! It's a tremendously successful of posting a daily item on one's blog!

    Well done, by the way! Hope you have many more!

    And, while you're enjoying this success, may I invite you to visit my shop at Etsy ( and, if you've a moment, read my blog at My toys and I would welcome your comments and input!


  2. Love those halloween photos :)


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