Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Fun: Holy Smokes Treasuries...{!}

Last week, I had 5 treasury features and that was a record for me... but this week has nearly doubled that.  So hang on to your hat and check out the following 9 awesome treasuries Love in Bloom Boutique was featured in this week.  Thank you so much BlushBashfulStudio, KeikiKoa, diazeirosjg, GrowinLikeAWeed, CelinaMurph, TheCuddleCorner, FourLittleApples, BebbyJumpers, and BeanBugCrafts!

Getting into gorgeous treasuries like these is an honor in itself, but to be featured in the top row is even more special, so extra special thanks to BlushBashfulStudio and TheCuddleCorner!

Keep it Exciting!

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