Monday, August 8, 2011

Healthy Foods: Cheeseburger Salad

Ok, I know some of you out there will be like, "Cheese isn't healthy and hamburgers are greasy," but bear with me on this one because this is low sugar and well... You know by now... "It's not the fat people."  LOL! This is more of a method than a recipe because you can switch it up to include ingredients from your favorite burgers for a change, but this is what my kids love. If it's too hot, you can do it on the grill too {summer perk!}

Make your hamburgers into patties and add salt and pepper to taste and cook them until they are the degree of done-ness that you prefer and turn off the burner. Put your cheese of choice on top and add a lid. It will melt on it's own while you make the salad.

Meanwhile, wash, dry and chop your lettuce and add it to your salad bowl with chopped veggies and dill pickles. I added red bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and dill pickles. It would also be yummy with avocado, canned beans that have been rinsed very well, left over cubed salted potatoes, a little green onion or chives etc...

I made dill pickle viniagrette (equal parts pickle juice and extra virgin olive oil), tossed the salad and put it in individual bowls topped with a cheeseburger patty and served it with a glass of milk. My kids LOVE this one the way it is, {no sugary ketchup needed} but you could do salsa for dressing, or ranch, or if your kids like garliky cooked mushrooms and their liquid, that would be a good dressing. Use your imagination!

Keep it yummy!


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